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Here we try to give you a little insight into what is happening in our environment and what we are dealing with. The focus here is clearly on our goal of sensitising and educating people about the dangers and burdens of disturbance zones in their environment. We also try to help as many people as possible. Whether in charitable, sporting or general areas. For questions, suggestions or constructive feedback we are at your disposal (

Geonado meets doctor - author and seminar leader, Rüdiger Dahlke
The new management of Geonado had the honor to visit Rüdiger Dahlke at his unique TamanGa health resort and to interview him. In a detailed conversation, it emerged, among other things, that for Mr Dahlke in addition to a healthy diet and general well-being, healthy and sustainable quality of life is above all a matter of protection against disturbance zones and environmental stress. Geonado plays a very important role, as the founder of Geonado and inventor of the wave (Mr. Wiebecke) with his meticulous research and the many studies and measurements proves that humans and animals can be protected by these dangerous fault zones.

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The manager of the Katharinenhöhe, Mr. Maier (in the middle), was very happy about the donation and the additional protection provided by the Geonado Energy Wave.

Donation for children with cancer
As part of the charity event "Spielend Helfen", which has been organized for many years by Dieter Thoma and Harry Bodmer, we were able to make our contribution as Geonado for the first time.
We have installed an energy wave for the children in the children's cancer aftercare clinic "Katharinenhöhe", in order to protect the children and adolescents, who have a very high risk of illness, at least from the surrounding fault zones. In addition, Geonado made a small donation so that we could gather a total value of 3,000€ for this good cause (energy wave + donation).
The organizers of "Spielend Helfen" were even able to hand over a checque valued at 25,000€ to the managing director of Katharinenhöhe, Stephan Maier, so that the rehabilitation clinic can produce further projects.

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Interview with the founder of Geonado and inventor of the energy wave, Adolf Wiebecke
In this interview, the holder of all patents and property rights explains in detail to Adolf Wiebecke how he came to the discovery of the energy wave, how disturbing fields and places of power affect humans, his countless researches / measurements / studies and how the energy wave affects people , animals and plants.

Mobile power source
The golf magazine "Perfect Eagle" reports quite extensively on the positive achievements of Geonado technology, giving a brief overview of Geonado's success story so far (by inventing the wave of researcher Wiebecke), and completing it with current events and future strategies. The focus is clearly on the effects of the energy wave and the energy soles.


The Geonado chip also pleases the bees
Bee colonies that have the Geonado chip in the basket win at competitions.
Bee colonies are now suffering from existential diseases, have agonizing parasites and are struggling with many imponderables. Together with the beekeeper Markus Palfinger (Bee-Max), Adolf Wiebecke has brought new energy into the beehives. With the specially informed energy chip amazing results could be achieved. The research is on track, because it would be a huge change to make the bee colonies more resilient and healthy again.

Researchers prove for the first time the effect of earth rays

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